Still here. (Where?)

(This is my obligatory “Dear Blog, I’m so sorry I’ve been neglecting you” post!

Just playin' with dyes and techniques.  Trying "outside-of-my-comfort-zone" colors.

Just playin’ with dyes and techniques. Trying “outside-of-my-comfort-zone” colors.

I’ve been really busy – playing.  The dye work is coming slower than the yarn processing work, but the spinning is all play.  I am off for a workshop with the treasured Judith McKenzie next week, and I’ve been trying to get more comfortable with different fibers.  I also got a real treat last week when Terry, our LYS owner came over and we played with dyes, exploring gradients and color shifts.  We weren’t terribly successful, but we sure did have fun.






It has been a fabulous Late Spring/Early Summer.  Here on the Olympic Peninsula, it is traditionally gray and cold through July 4th.  Then, on July 5th, sweaters come off, and bare legs appear.  Not this year.  It has been warm – hot, even, and beautiful.  Unexpectedly, a wave of sadness overcame me a couple of mornings ago, as I was reveling in the sunshine:  We are benefiting from the same environmental factors that are causing tens of thousands of people to suffer heat and drought this summer.


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