Spinning in New Orleans

Might not be the best idea I’ve ever had. I’m here during a “cold spell”, according to my mother, getting down to the 70’s at night. Did you know that fiber sticks to your hands, arms, legs, face, when it’s in the 80’s and it’s humid? Well, it sticks.
But spinning is my current go-to stress relief activity. I’m here in my parents’ house, right off the French Quarter, because my mother broke her leg.

How my mother gets around right now.

How my mother gets around right now.

Shattered it. And since my dad, willing tho’ he is, is not really able to provide the minute-by-minute care my mom needs, we siblings are taking turns being here. It is hard, but ultimately, it is an honor to be able to care for my parents, something we siblings can’t do on an every-day basis, as we’re spread out across this country. So, here I am, bravely caregiving, wheeling, spinning and sweating. ┬áSo it goes.

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