More Like a Shift in Tectonic Plates; Raveled and Renewed

I wrote that last post while I was still in New Orleans….Little did I know what was in store for me.  The morning I returned, my husband of 43 years announced he was having an affair, that “she” had stayed at our house while I’d been in New Orleans, and that he wanted the house because he was “comfortable here”…. I had not seen this coming…. Dementia? Alcoholism? Fear of aging?  Who knows.  And I will say no more about it, except to say that, as cruel as he was in freeing me,

I am freed.  

Because my work-life, my vocation, my passion and my personal life have been so interwoven, I do not yet know what will happen to Raveling Rose.  When I walk into my studio, it feels as if I am at the wake for my own child.  If one thinks in terms of nature’s life cycles, Winter Solstice is a good metaphor.  I need to let go of what has sustained me emotionally and creatively especially during these past two years as I’ve watched my husband go downhill, and, without preconception, accept what will emerge.  I have total faith that while it might not be what I can now envision, my life and my work will flourish;  Raveling and renewing, in every aspect of my life.

Thank you for reading this…It hasn’t been easy to write.   A very Happy New Year to you all.  Stay open to the miracles in store for you!



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