Hansencrafts e-spinner Shout-out

List of equipment I am thankful for:

  1. My e-spinner(s) – I have two of them – from Hansencrafts.  One, with a WoolieWinder, is dedicated to plying, the other, with the lace flyer, I use for – well, everything from thread-weight singles to supercoils.  A special shout-out to Kevin and Beth. While cleaning the woolly winder, I lost a teeny piece and with no advance notice, drove to Port Townsend where, non-plussed, they took care of it. Thank you both.
  2. My Crazy Monkey Electric Swift and manual Reskeiner.  Again, I have two.  Ben was so patient with me as I assembled them both, answering my questions immediately and kindly.  I use the motorized skeiner for prepping my yarn for dying, the reskeiner for measuring and finishing the skein.
  3. My laundry spinner.  It lives outside, even in the winter, so I can just walk out the laundry room where I dye when I can’t use the greenhouse, place the sopping wet yarn in, and, “without agitating”, spin it almost dry.  Amazing.
  4. My seam ripper(s).  I like the Clover because it stays sharp and because of it’s handle.  I have several in every room I work in, and use them for (surprise!) ripping seams in the old sweaters.

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