Change is Afoot. Maybe.

This past summer, one of my goals had been to process my current inventory of cashmere sweaters. Slowly, I’ve been unraveling, re-plying and scouring them, working in color groups. . I would pick out three same-color sweaters of good quality, and work from there.  Slow going, for sure. It felt like I was getting nowhere; the bins were as stuffed as ever.

So, I was startled to see that I’ve worked through enough of the stash that I was left with unmatched sweaters or sweaters of dubious quality. The immediate result of this situation was that, to my great regret, I had to turn down the last order from Churchmouse. I delayed letting them know – it’s been a real honor to have my yarn in that wonderful shop – but I just can’t get my hands on enough high quality cashmere sweaters anymore.  The good part of this is that it means that people are not simply discarding cashmere, but that others are purchasing them for re-use.  Obviously, along with the escalated cost of new cashmere, the price of thriftstore cashmere has gone up to the point where its not longer feasible for me business-wise.  (Not that the “business” part of it was the driving force for me – I’ll always recycle.)

My knitting cohorts ask me what’s next, and I frankly don’t know.  I have quite a lot of single sweaters to process yet, and I will continue to do that as well as to incorporate the cashmere in my hybrid yarns with handspun singles.

My big task is to find a millspun yarn base and continue my dye explorations.  I am searching for a non-superwash merino with polyamide in a fingering or DK weight.

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