Studio Talk

Alton Collins Spinning Retreat

A full and productive time was had…Teacher/mentor Judith MacKenzie is, according to the Ravelry blurb, “the godmother to all our fiber dreams”.  Spending a full four days learning from her is, indeed, a dream come true.  There were some 22-ish (I never counted) of us, and I was definitely the […]

Still here. (Where?)

(This is my obligatory “Dear Blog, I’m so sorry I’ve been neglecting you” post! I’ve been really busy – playing.  The dye work is coming slower than the yarn processing work, but the spinning is all play.  I am off for a workshop with the treasured Judith McKenzie next week, […]

Sometimes, a break is good.

Lesson from hopelessly tangled yarn: Accept the break. I’m going to heed the voices competing for my time: Re-organizing, color-play, drum-carding, combing, even knitting and, of course,  gardengardengarden.  It’s that time of year, and the voices are very demanding!  Back soon.

Terminate Control!

It turns out that “the Season” has whipped in.  I was in the middle of enjoying the respite of fall when suddenly an ice storm zooms in from Alaska, we discover that we have a half-inch gap at our back door, I’ve blown my six-month tooth-cleaning, the windshield wiper on […]

Painting Knitting with Acid Dyes 1

Now this was fun.  A friend handed me what I considered to be a beautiful knitted pale blue silk shawl, and asked me to dye it.  I first considered dip-dying so I could get a value gradation, but realized that since it was crescent-shaped, that wouldn’t work.  She’d given me free […]

Pattern Development for Cashmere Cowl, Part 2

OK, so maybe there’s been a little not-exactly-studio-work…but it’s slowly getting there.  What can I say?  The weather has been too gorgeous to stay inside, which has been a blessing, given the stresses of this summer. I’m getting the pattern test-knitted, and need to decide whether to offer it with size options, […]

Spun dyed roving.

Back in the Studio

Thank you all for your expressions of sympathy.  My sister and her two sons planned a beautiful, music-filled Memorial for her husband, and we are filled equally with the joyful sounds that reflected his life and with the sense of unreality about his absence.  I suppose that’s the way it […]


I could just dive into these…I had a beautiful braid, BFL and silk, but when I spun it, it “babapo’d”.  Not that there’s anything wrong with intentionally barber poled yarn, but mine wasn’t intentional.  Since I’d just decided that a drum carder wasn’t in my budget, I ordered some carding […]


filtering blue dye

Blue Dye Blues

Any of the Jacquard or Dharma acid dyes that contain blue end up giving me fits – even if I reheat and think I’ve totally dissolved the dye, I end up with tiny clumps.  I tried filtering, but of course, end up loosing most of the dye itself.  Anyone know […]