Shop Talk

Lichen, a Finished Shawl

This was the project I knit with most joy – or at least with least angst. To know that I had spun the yarn and to have the yarn suit the pattern so well is a real thrill for a newbie spinner.  The pattern is Larissa Brown’s Lichen. (Available on […]

Knitting projects

Knitters’ Traveling Decisions

My sister’s husband, across the country from where I live, died very unexpectedly.  Before I could make travel arrangements, my mother, in New Orleans, was hospitalized.  (She’s back home now). Our family decided I would go to New Orleans, then go to Massachusetts to be with my sister. It’s been […]

Déjà vu

“…to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time”.  TS Elliot Working this week on setting up the Etsy shop for the Limited Edition yarn.  I haven’t photographed seriously in years, and I feel like a beginner again, with F-stops and white balance and gray cards.  […]

Iris in brambles

Just Floatin’

Hit by the Peninsula Crud and spent an entire day trying to kick it, keeping out of both office and  studio.  Made some decisions about the direction I want to take Raveling Rose:  Add a blog (See?) and open an Etsy shop.  I hadn’t wanted to go the Etsy route […]

Just Playin’

Just playin’ and waiting until Spring to re-enter the greenhouse/dye room. In the meantime, I’m having fun with with spinning, combining the handspun with recycled yarns, exploring what fibers bring out the best of the recycled. I scanned this great image from a New York Times article on the pianist […]