Hello, All.  Happy April – Happy Spring!  After a very long hiatus, I am re-booting.  Some time ago, I began, but never finished, a post on re-booting.  I’d found the story below on-line.  (Sad to say, I no longer have the source).  I still love the story, which speaks to […]

Change is Afoot. Maybe.

This past summer, one of my goals had been to process my current inventory of cashmere sweaters. Slowly, I’ve been unraveling, re-plying and scouring them, working in color groups. . I would pick out three same-color sweaters of good quality, and work from there.  Slow going, for sure. It felt like […]

Spinning in New Orleans

Might not be the best idea I’ve ever had. I’m here during a “cold spell”, according to my mother, getting down to the 70’s at night. Did you know that fiber sticks to your hands, arms, legs, face, when it’s in the 80’s and it’s humid? Well, it sticks. But […]

Alton Collins Spinning Retreat

A full and productive time was had…Teacher/mentor Judith MacKenzie is, according to the Ravelry blurb, “the godmother to all our fiber dreams”.  Spending a full four days learning from her is, indeed, a dream come true.  There were some 22-ish (I never counted) of us, and I was definitely the […]

Still here. (Where?)

(This is my obligatory “Dear Blog, I’m so sorry I’ve been neglecting you” post! I’ve been really busy – playing.  The dye work is coming slower than the yarn processing work, but the spinning is all play.  I am off for a workshop with the treasured Judith McKenzie next week, […]

Sometimes, a break is good.

Lesson from hopelessly tangled yarn: Accept the break. I’m going to heed the voices competing for my time: Re-organizing, color-play, drum-carding, combing, even knitting and, of course,  gardengardengarden.  It’s that time of year, and the voices are very demanding!  Back soon.

It’s always a blank slate, isn’t it?

At the end of the last season, I started thinking about how much more flexibility I’d have in mixing and applying dyes if I wasn’t over-dying already saturated fibers.  Easy fix for millspun yarn – simply select a base, skein the cones up, and dye. Yeah, right.  After much research, […]