Back in the Studio

Spun dyed roving.

Thank you all for your expressions of sympathy.  My sister and her two sons planned a beautiful, music-filled Memorial for her husband, and we are filled equally with the joyful sounds that reflected his life and with the sense of unreality about his absence.  I suppose that’s the way it is with any unexpected loss.

Knitting did, in fact, provide some solace for me, and I’ll be posting images of Finished Objects.  Naturally, I only knit half of the projects I ended up packing.  Somehow, I tend to procrastinate on that last bit of finishing, weaving in ends and blocking.  Seems to fit with my difficulty in accepting the finality of a passing.

In the meantime, I will show you how my rolags turned out.  This image shows the mess that came from spinning and plying the roving “as is”, (bottom middle,) spinning worsted and chain plying resulting in short runs of color, (bottom right,) and the long gradation I was able to get from breaking up the colors, hand carding, spinning woolen from rolags and chain plying.

Spun dyed roving.

Three ways of spinning dyed roving.


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