Alton Collins Spinning Retreat

A full and productive time was had…Teacher/mentor Judith MacKenzie is, according to the Ravelry blurb, “the godmother to all our fiber dreams”.  Spending a full four days learning from her is, indeed, a dream come true.  There were some 22-ish (I never counted) of us, and I was definitely the least accomplished spinner in the group.  The group was a phenomenally talented and giving group, and we learned almost as much from each other as we did from Judith.  Well, not almost, because, as one person put it, you can learn more about boiling water from Judith than you ever knew there was to know.

The setting, a retreat near Portland, was forested and beautiful.  The accommodations were very comfortable, and the food was excellent.  I already know I’ll go next year, if I have the chance.

Spinning workshop in progress

Cooperative teaching/learning  in action.



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